Membership in Coshocton Environmental and Community Awareness Inc. (CECA), is open to anyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation as described and included in CECA Bylaws Article VIII, Section 8.04, Nondiscrimination Policy.  All applications must be approved by the Board of Directors of CECA and are subject to the membership provisions of the bylaws and the rules set forth for membership. Yearly membership dues of $20 per member are due upon submission of this application and are renewable during December of every year thereafter.

CECA New Member Application

 Please supply all information requested in full. Return Information with $20 Check or MO  per person in payment for Annual Dues to this address:

CECA Treasurer     -    PO Box 295    -   Warsaw, OH  43844             




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 The purpose of open membership is to further the mission of Coshocton Environmental and Community Awareness   Inc. Any word or action by a member that is intended to disrupt or prevent the organization from performing its mission or that may jeopardize the non-profit status of CECA will be disavowed by the organization and may be cause for immediate removal of that member. By signing above I agree to these terms.